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Sono Bello Review- 12 Things You Need to Know

SonoBello is a laser treatment using "proven,safe technologies" to help customers lose weight and reshape their body,but our research team found there's more to it than meets the eye.

While there are benefits to this liposuction alternative,our team wanted to understand its effectiveness better.

Liposuction may cause side effects,but there's no mention of effects from SonoBello.However,to give you the facts you need,our team focused on the procedure,potential side effects and results.Finally,we gathered our research to give you the bottom line.

Sono Bello can be purchased through theirOfficial Site.

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What is SonoBello?

SonoBello is a company with more than ten years of experience in medical,facial,and body cosmetic procedures.

This company has over 40 locations across the United States and works with a team of more than 100 board-certified plastic surgeons who specialize in total body transformation.Some of the procedures include TriSculpt Micro-Laser Lipo and Venus Freeze.


Sono Bello Competitors

Tummy Tuck Belt
Other similar products: Freeze Fat, SculpSure, Ultra Cavitation

How Did SonoBello Start?

SonoBello started as an initiative of Dr.Tom Garrison.He earned his MD from the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences.He went on to serve for five years as a flight surgeon with the United States Air Force.(LinkedIn)

After serving,Dr.Garrison worked for another 20 years in Emergency Medicine in the Intermountain Health Care system.In 1998,he started Laser Aesthetics LLC,and then Aesthetics Physicians PC in 2008.


SonoBello Claims

SonoBello claims to be America's #1 cosmetic surgery specialist,but so do procedures likeVenus Freezethat don't require anesthetic.The company goes on to state some of the procedures remove fat in as little as one day,and the process stimulates collagen for youthful skin.


SonoBello Procedures

SonoBello procedures include:

  • TriSculpt (Micro-Laser Lipo)
  • TriSculpt E/X (Micro-Sculpting)
  • Lift by SonoBello
  • Venus Free
  • Venus Legacy

TriSculpt (Micro-Laser Lipo)

It is an advanced laser lipo treatment performed with a local anesthesia.This allows patients to communicate with the physician during the procedure.

They use power-assisted microcannulas to remove the unwanted fat.Then,they use the laser equipment for the finishing touches,smoothing out the work done before.

TriSculpt E/X (Micro-Sculpting)

TriSculpt E/X consists of removing the additional fat from the lower abdomen and performed with a local anesthetic.

Lift by SonoBello

Lift by SonoBello is a minimally invasive,microlaser procedure focusing on wrinkles and drooping skin around the eyes,face,and neck.It's an ambulatory technique requiring less recovering time than other facelift methods.

SonoBello also offers two cellulite reduction procedures:

  • Venus Free
  • Venus Legacy

These two procedures claim to use radio frequency and magnetic pulse to help with weight management. Results are about an inch and a half off your waistline in six (6) thirty-minute sessions.

does SonoBello work

Does SonoBello Work?

The effectiveness of SonoBello procedures varies by person.However,there are SonoBello before and after photos on the official website.So,there's a chance you'll see results.


SonoBello Benefits And Results

  • No need for general anesthesia
  • Confidence booster
  • Total body transformation
  • No diet or exercise needed
Side Effects

Potential SonoBello Side Effects

There's little mention of side effects from SonoBello.According to the journalPlastic and Reconstructive Surgery,cryolipolysis has mild,short-term side effects,including:

SonoBello side effects

  • Swelling
  • Localized pain
  • Discomfort
  • Sensitivity

In this study,there were no long-term side effects mentioned.


Any SonoBello Lawsuits?

While there are no current lawsuits against SonoBello,there was a lawsuit against the company in 2009 when a SonoBello patients passed away after the procedure.According to a statement later released by SonoBello,

"SonoBello extends its heartfelt sympathies to the family of Aura Javellana.SonoBello hopes that the recent settlement will assist the family in dealing with their loss of May 2009.We respect the family's grief and accordingly have chosen not to discuss the particular facts and circumstances behind this matter.The claims against us were settled by our insurance company and there was no finding of fault or admission of liability on the part of SonoBello or the involved physician.We acknowledge that there was an attempt by both parties to reach an agreement regarding confidentiality of the settlement.SonoBello was not prepared to meet the financial demands of the estate in this regard.SonoBello s current accreditation from the AAAHC (Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care) exemplifies our ongoing commitment to the highest standards of care for our patients."

SonoBello Alternatives

SonoBello alternatives include:


This procedure freezes unwanted fat by targeting only the fat cells underneath the skin,based on information published onClinicalTrials.gov.The company claims your body will naturally eliminate frozen and dead cells.


Zerona is a non-invasive procedure targeting excess fat using cold laser technology.The procedure emulsifies fat;leading to fat moving to the interstitial space.


I-Lipo creates a chemical signal within fat cells by using laser energy;similar to the natural process of our body releasing fatty acid when we need to use stored energy reserves.


SonoBello Cost

The cost of SonoBello starts at:

  • TriSculpt – $1395
  • Fit by SonoBello – $2995

The company offers specials and payment options:

  • No interest if paid in full within six months
  • No interest if paid in full 12 months
  • 16.90% APR and fixed monthly payment

SonoBello Locations

You can find SonoBello in the following states:

Arizona,California,Colorado,Florida,Georgia,Illinois,Kansas,Maryland,Massachusetts,Michigan,Minnesota,Missouri,New Jersey,New York,North Carolina,Ohio,Oregon,Pennsylvania,Texas,Utah,Virginia,Washington,and Wisconsin.

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on SonoBello

SonoBello is a liposuction alternative focused on the use of lipo laser technology.On the official website,you'll notice before and after pictures to highlight its effectiveness.However,the cost is potentially a concern for some.While there are benefits to SonoBello,there are alternatives based on your weight management plan.

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Sono Bello Review
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Sono Bello

What are the ingredients in Sono Bello?

Sono Bello isn't a product that you consume like a shake or a pill,it's actually a procedure offered by a company named Sono Bello.Their motto is "It's your life.Live it beautifully." Sono Bello is made up of over one hundred plastic surgeons who are all board certified.They perform their procedures in their offices after going through a free consultation.At this consultation you get the chance to discuss your aging and weight concerns as well as costs and recovery times.

What are the side effects of Sono Bello?

The side effects of the procedure you decide to have through Sono Bello are going to vary on which procedure you chose.They offer a variety of body contouring procedures and facial rejuvination options.

Does Sono Bello work?

Sono Bello has been proven to work and is one of the top companies in their industry.They have a very large collection of testimonials and before and after photographs or videos.

What is the price of Sono Bello?

According to the official Sono Bello website the TriSculpt procedure costs $1,395 per area or a List by Sono Bello starts around $2,995.The pricing of your particular procedure will vary based on what you have done.If you can't afford that price tag they do offer monthly payment options and if you pay for the procedure in full within an allotted time interest is removed.

Where can I buy Sono Bello?

Sono Bello must be purchased through their company which can be reached at 1-800-995-1136 or visiting their website at www.sonobello.com

Where can I buy Sono Bello?

Sono Bello can be purchased using theirOfficial Site.

How should I take Sono Bello?

Since it's not a pill or shake or consumable product there are no instructions.Each procedure will be entirely personalized to each individuals needs.

How do I contact Sono Bello customer service?

You can reach customer service at any time during any day of the week,even on holidays by calling 1-800-995-1136.

Can I return Sono Bello?

No,once the procedure has been done there is no opportunity for returns.These procedures are permanent and performed by a licensed plastic surgeon.

What are the most common complaints about Sono Bello?

Everything about Sono Bello seems to be very transparent and up front.I haven't been able to find any complaints about Sono Bello.They don't hide their prices,they are flexible in how the procedures are paid for,and they provide top notch customer service.

48 Sono Bello Reviews

  • I would highly recommend Sono Bello.
    Stephanie W. (Verified Purchase)

    I had lipo on my stomach and my inner/outer thighs in two separate procedures.I was VERY nervous but have been so pleased with the results.Dr Klein was great and listened to exactly what I wanted and helped me achieve my goals.The staff there was awesome and very friendly and made every visit a pleasant experience!Love the follow up emails and calls I got from the staff and DR explaining each step of the way and checking to make sure I was doing ok!I would highly recommend Sono Bello if you are ready for a new you!!!

    • anne a thorne

      What office did you have your procedure?

  • I had lipo done almost two weeks ago with Dr.Bedford.
    T Cade (Verified Purchase)

    I had lipo done almost two weeks ago with Dr.Bedford.She was great and the Assistant Griffith was amazing.I received a phone call from the doctor the night of my surgery,just to see if I had any questions.They made sure I was comfortable and informed of what to expect during and after the procedure.I will definitely send referrals and go back.

    • Anonymous

      how much did you weight

  • I'm loving my results!
    Amy H. (Verified Purchase)

    I cannot stress enough how amazing this office is,from the kind receptionists to the absolutely wonderful reps that give consultations,to the nurses and doctors.I was very nervous to have any type of surgery done however they made me feel important,safe and comfortable!I'm loving my results!A special thank you to Sahar!!

  • Jimmy Smith

    If it sounds to good to be true,it probably is !

    • Gina

      .what and where was your procedure if I may ask?

      • Anonymous

        Yeah did you have a procedure or just making an uneducated guess?

  • Enjoyed my experience here
    Reham N (Verified Purchase)

    Enjoyed my experience here,everyone was nice and knowledgeable.I did upper and lower abs,bra roll and waist and so far my results are looking good!!!

    • Maribel

      How much was your total price?Thanks.

      • Sharon

        Was the precedure expensive?If they do a good job then at any cost would be okay with me.I am just afraid.

    • Nell

      what was the cost???

      • Layla

        It states the cost up above.Its about 1200 or so per area and I think that goes up based on BMI.I had my procedure this past Saturday.

    • Anonymous

      how much was all that ??

      • Anonymous

        I had a procedure done to remove the hanging part of my stomach.
        You have to wear a tight fitted spanx type binder for 6 weeks following the procedure.I was told to go on the China Study diet but I didn't and I have not lost any weight in the three months following the surgery as instructed.I'm completely disgusted with myself.I thought this would give me a boost and some incentive but I feel my body looks more deformed.

        • Lauren

          If i may ask what doctor did your procedure?

        • Ann

          Not at sonobello though correct?

      • Anonymous

        For lower back,back bra roll and removal of stomach flap I paid $10k

        • Delores

          I paid the same,3 months ago.I have to go back in because my results aren't showing.I'm disappointed because the pain and discomfort was a lot to bare.However,it took me a year to save $10k

        • Carmen

          Why do you feel horrible then?That's what I'm looking for a boost without starving

    • Linda cole

      What is the ages of your oldest patients?

  • Thank you Sono Bello and Jackie.
    David B. (Verified Purchase)

    After having two children,the velashape and venus freeze have helped me tighten the skin on my abdomen and minimize the stretch marks,helping me feel more confident!!!Thank you Sono Bello and Jackie.

  • This place is amazing!!!
    Becky C (Verified Purchase)

    From the consultant,Sahara,to the Dr.Marc Klein,to Shay the receptionist in between – all are phenomenal.Was treated with respect and professionalism all the way around.Have had a wonderful experience ad would do it again in a heartbeat!This place is amazing!!!

    • Anonymous

      What state is this facility in?

    • Lana

      Can you provide the address of the facility where you had the procedure done?

      • AnonymommyFL

        If you Google "Marc Klein Sono Bello Atlanta" I'm sure you can get the address.I googled Marc Klein Sono Bello and it said Atlanta.That's as far as I went since I am in Florida and have no interest in an 8+ hour drive knowing that I've heard radio ads for the procedure in my area.
        Google is your friend and gives you answers in less than 1 second..

  • I recommend this establishment.
    Andy H. (Verified Purchase)

    I had a hard time removing some "extraness" around my midsection even after exercise.I researched Sono Bello and eventually had some minor lipo performed.I am still in the recovery process,but am pleased with the work and the staff's attention to my concerns.I recommend this establishment for any extra help you might need.

  • Has given me my confidence back
    Carolyn F (Verified Purchase)

    I had lipo done to my upper,lower abdomen and waist.I am so thrilled,excited about the results.SonoBello has given me my confidence back.I am,look,and feel brand new.I have the motivation now that I needed to exercise,maintain.

    • Laura H

      That's great and I agree with u regarding the staff.I had same ares done one week ago yesterday plus I had bbr done as well.Went back for my one week examine and not happy with what I c so far.Could u share ur one week experience with me?

      • Rebecca M

        What size pants were you before the procedure and after the procedure?

    • ANNIE

      So I am interested in sono bella but am worried that I will have saggy skin after the one day fat removal.Any thoughts?

      • Steph

        It all depends on what the quality of you skin looks like now.Do ypu have a lot of stretch marks?Is your skin thin?It's best to talk to your doc fitst but I had the trisculpt fone on my abdomen and I have a lot of loose skin.I even was offered the,"Venus freeze" treatment to tighten my skin and nothing worked.You can still visually see my stretch marks and now I have rolls of extra skin.From what my Dr.Says,its because me skin wasn't in a "good,healthy state" to begin with.

        • AnonymommyFL

          Thank you for sharing.I find it inexcusable for the doctor to have done a consultation AND the procedure before saying it was your skin's fault.What is a consultation for!?
          I hope that you're able to find a solution.Best wishes!

          I have my post C-section "apron" and some stretch marks.Your review has really helped since I'll make sure that whichever doctor I end up visiting actually examines my skin beforehand.Thoroughly!!!

          • Steph

            I'm so glad my misfortune can now help someone!I would love to type up and My whole experience.People jaws will drop!Lol

  • David N.

    I am very impressed with Sono Bello and their staff.Was able to get in for initial consultation quickly and was able to get every question asked and answered.Decision to go forward was made and financing was quickly approved and procedure was scheduled within the next week.Was very impressed with Dr.Jones and was happy to get him for my procedure.

    • AnonymommyFL

      Sorry to bother,but I'm curious if they're offering financing through Care Credit or if they have a different means for financing.If you have a moment,could you let me know?Following a car accident,I couldn't get ahold of our lawyer and used Care Credit for my daughter's front teeth after she got dizzy and fell face first just a week after the accident.Once the lawyer's office finally got back to me,they "said" they'd fix everything ASAP so I sent them the bill from the dental office and the account info for Care Credit.Well… I ended up being sued by GE MONEY (the backers for Care Credit) while our case was still ongoing (I had switched lawyers though).Due to this,I highly doubt Care Credit will approve an application.Knowing if they offer an alternative financing provider would be very helpful!

  • My experience was awesome
    Maria F (Verified Purchase)

    My experience was awesome.My nurse Monique Lewis has best customer service skills.She talked to me and made sure I was comfortable and understood everything that was going to happen during and after procedure.

    • Bob

      Yeah cause she wanted to get paid…lol

      • Christine M Woods

        You obviously don't know nurses Bob.I've been an inpatient 27 times & each & every nurse I ever had was caring,gentle and compassionate.

        • Lorraine

          Amen Christine!Who I don't like anymore are flight attendants…but Nurses rule!

  • Its already boosted my confidence greatly.
    Billy G. (Verified Purchase)

    I have lost over an inch around my waist just half-way through my eight Venus treatments.I'm very pleased so far and can't find to see the final results.Its already boosted my confidence greatly.

    • Shirley D

      I had my initial consultation with 2 absolutely wonderful reps: Rachel Britt and Kumi Morales.They explained the procedure in a non-hurried manner in simple elementary terms.No high pressure sales tactics.They listened to my concerns ( I did my research) and addresses each one to my satisfaction.They displayed professionalism when I questioned them about my concerns.I know it is " their job" to get the business,but I have been around long enough to recognize genuine concern for me.

      • Wendy

        I'm interest but i don't hear much about results!!!Yeah I hear about staff and customer service but what about results that's what we are looking for because the best customer service in the world doesn't help if there are no results!

        • Kathy

          I had a procedure done at Sono Bello a couple of years ago,and the results are slow to see but they are there!I had my waist and upper abs done and I still have an hourglass figure.They do tell you that they only remove the fat that is between the outer skin and your muscle,so if there is any fat under the muscle you will need to exercise to remove that yourself.But the fat cells they remove are a permanent removal unless you go crazy and put on tons of weight by overeating.The results still depend on you,but for the most part after two years I'm very satisfied with my results.I am thinking about going back for a couple of other areas to be done.

          • Sandi

            thanks for sharing your experience.was there any pain or side effects?if so,how long did it last please?

          • AnonymommyFL

            This is great to hear Kathy!I've been hearing the ads and have finally come online to start my research – AFTER doing 2 rounds of the hCG Diet and losing 60+ lbs.I have a smart scale and it shows that the type of fat found under the muscles has gone down from 14 to 8 (plus,i can actually SEE my tummy is much flatter!).I'm down to 140# with 25# to go before I have any procedure done to help rid myself of my "Mommy apron"!I know I'm going to need help,but I'm not done losing weight.I'm 5'2 and my pre-pregnancy weight was 100#.I'm just looking to get down to what I was a year after my youngest was born 17 years ago.Let's just say being stuck in a bed after a spinal cord injury can really cause weight to just skyrocket!I'm on my feet now and just want my body back (after kids,I'm being realistic lol)

        • Tammy R Bozman


        • sandy

          Amen!Stay focus on your safety and your results and not all the hype.Its all a distraction.Its too costly to lose focus on customer etc.