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ActivatedYou Review- 15 Things You Need to Know

ActivatedYou claims to be an all-natural and "scientifically proven" supplement;so we did some research on the brand.Our research team focused on the benefits of probiotics,potential side effects and any relevant research supporting the claims.

There are studies supporting some of the ingredients,but our team went further.Are ActivatedYou products for weight loss or overall health?Below are the results of our research.

ActivatedYou can be purchased through theirOfficial Site.

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What is ActivatedYou?

ActivatedYou is a line of supplements.The company combines the best of Eastern and Western medicine to support a whole person approach to improving overall health and wellness.The official website states the company's top priority is the environment;offering environmentally sustainable supplements.

ActivatedYou and the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

ActivatedYou has been an accredited member of the BBB since February 2019.The company is currently rated A,but no reviews or complaints have been filed.

ActivatedYou Competitors

Product Line

Activated You Products

ActivatedYou products currently available for purchase include:

  • ActivatedYou Advanced RestorativeProbiotic
  • ActivatedYou Active Enzyme
  • ActivatedYou AdrenaLife
  • ActivatedYou Morning Complete
  • ActivatedYou GI Prime
  • ActivatedYou Enhanced Algae Omegas
  • ActivatedYou Mito Vitality
  • ActivatedYou Bone Rich Plus

ActivatedYou Claims

ActivatedYou claims include:

  • Improved Digestive Health
  • Better Mood
  • More Energy
  • Immune System Support
  • Reduced Stress
  • Better Sleep

ActivatedYou Ingredients

Some ActivatedYou ingredients include:

  • Lactobacillus
  • Bifidobacterium
  • Streptococcus
  • Amylase
  • Diastase
  • Schizandra
  • Rhodiola rosea
  • Prebiotics
  • Green superfoods
  • Amino acids
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals

What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are living bacteria.While some are harmful,bacteria in ActivatedYou supplements may support gut health.

Bacteria used in probiotics are often the same ones existing naturally in your body.According to the journalInternational Scholarly Research Notices: 徳赢真人百家乐, probiotics may help:

  • Improve intestinal health
  • Enhanced immune response
  • Reduction of serum cholesterol

ActivatedYou Probiotics


This probiotic is found in fermented foods,like yogurt.There are several strains of Lactobacillus.ActivatedYou's Advanced Restorative Probiotic contains 18 strains of Lactobacillus.


There are nine strains of Bifidobacterium in ActivatedYou's Advanced Restorative Probiotic.Bifidobacterium is often found in dairy products.

Do Probiotics Work?

Researchers still aren't certain which probiotics are useful,and which aren't.They also don't know the amount of a probiotic that is needed to have a beneficial effect.According to theNational Center for Complementary and Integrative Health,"…strong scientific evidence to support specific uses of probiotics for most health conditions is lacking."

ActivatedYou Enzymes

So,what are the enzymes?Enzymes,similar to bacteria,are living organisms causing a specific biochemical reaction within the body.

ActivatedYou Active Enzyme contains:

  • Amylase
  • Diastase

Amylase,produced in the pancreas and salivary glands,helps breaks starch down into sugars,according to theJournal of 徳赢真人百家乐.By literal definition fromOrganic Chemistry: Current Research,diastase helps breakdown starch into maltose.

Does ActivatedYou Work?

The question does ActivatedYou work depends on the user.Results will vary from person to person.However,we looked at the effectiveness of ActivatedYou ingredients to better understand the benefits.

Schizandra Fruit Extract

Schizandra may help promote calmness and relaxation,claims theChinese Medical Journal.Some anecdotal evidence shows schizandra helps slow the aging process.

Rhodiola Rosea Fruit Extract

Rhodiola rosea is "known" for its adaptogen effects.

Research published in the journalPhytotherapy Researchfollowed 101 participants for four weeks.Participants took a 200 mg dose of rhodiola rosea extract twice per day,resulting in improved "life-stress symptoms."

Green Superfoods Blend

The green superfoods blend in ActivatedYou includes:

  • Spinach
  • Broccoli
  • Kale
  • Mulberry Leaf Extract
  • Alfalfa Leaf
  • BarleyGrass
  • Berberine HCL

ActivatedYou Benefits

ActivatedYou benefits include:

  • Better Digestive Health
  • Less Stress
  • Whole-Body Nourishment

ActivatedYou benefits


How to Use ActivatedYou

So,how do you use ActivatedYou products?Directions include:

Active Enzyme

  • Take 1-2 capsules with water and a meal.

Morning Complete

  • Mix one scoop with water and drink.

GI Prime

  • Add one scoop to water and drink.

Advanced Restorative Probiotic

  • Take one capsule per day with water.It's recommended to take the supplement with food.


  • You'll take three capsules per day with water.

GI Prime

  • Mix one scoop with water and drink.

Enhanced Algae Omegas

  • Take one capsule per day with water.

Mito Vitality

  • Mix one scoop with water and drink once per day.

Bone-Rich Plus

  • Mix one scoop with liquid and drink once per day.
Where to Buy

Where To Buy ActivatedYou

You can buy ActivatedYou supplements on the official website.

ActivatedYou Cost


How Much Does ActivatedYou Cost?

The cost of ActivatedYou products depends on the supplement you buy.On occasion,you'll find an ActivatedYou coupon code.However,you'll receive a discount with multiple product purchases.The prices include:

Advanced Restorative Probiotic

  • One bottle – $69.99
  • Three bottles – $188.97
  • Six bottles – $356.95

Active Enzyme

  • One bottle – $64.95
  • Three bottles – $175.36
  • Six bottles – $331.25


  • One bottle – $69.95
  • Three bottles – $188.86
  • Six bottles – $356.75

Morning Complete

  • One bag – $79
  • Three bags – $213
  • Six bags – $403

GI Prime

  • One bottle – $59.95
  • Three bottles – $161.86
  • Six bottles – $305.75

Enhanced Algae Omegas

  • One bottle – $65
  • Three bottles – $175
  • Six bottles – $330

Mito Vitality

  • One bag – $79.99
  • Three bags – $213.97
  • Six bags – $402.75

Bone Rich Plus

  • One bag – $74.95
  • Three bags – $200.85
  • Six bags – $377.70
Side Effects

Potential ActivatedYou Side Effects

While there's no mention of side effects from ActivatedYou,there's the chance some may notice side effects from the ingredients,including:

  • Bloating
  • Gas
  • Diarrhea
  • Upset Stomach

What Users Are Saying

"I have been using this for two weeks and have never felt better!My stomach has stopped hurting,I feel slimmer,no cravings and it's so nice to have what I need in one scoop!My aim to be healthy is back on track."

"I have used this for a week now.Not a difference in weight,but bathroom habits have gotten a lot better.The taste is really hard to get down,I wish they made it flavorless,almost has a fake or synthetic taste which make me wonder where the taste is coming from."

"This product sent me to hospital with IBS symptoms.Never had that before severe constipation and explosive diarrhea.Was sick for weeks."

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on ActivatedYou

AcivatedYou addresses a major concern only some are talking about – gut health.The line of supplements is plant-based,scientifically-proven and environmentally sustainable.This line is a valuable addition to any weight management plan.However,this isn't the only option.

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ActivatedYou Review
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What are the ingredients in ActivatedYou?

The ingredients in ActivatedYou line of supplements include schizandra fruit extract,rhodiola rosea fruit extract,green superfoods blend,fiber blend,l-argnine and more.

What are the side effects of ActivatedYou?

Possible ActivatedYou side effects based on the ingredients would be gas,upset stomach,diarrhea and bloating.

What is the price of ActivatedYou?

For the line of products from ActivatedYou,here are some prices: Activate enzyme costs $64.95 for the 90-capsule bottle.Advanced restorative Probiotic costs $69.99.Morning Complete costs $79.00 for the 8 ounce bottle.

Where can I buy ActivatedYou?

ActivatedYou products are sold on the official website.

How should I take ActivatedYou?

Follow the label direction for each product when you buy any of the products.Here are some to help: Morning Complete- Mix one scoop in eight ounces of water before consuming.Active Emzyme- Take one or two capsules during your meal with a glass of water.

Where can I buy ActivatedYou?

ActivatedYou can be purchased using theirOfficial Site.

How do I contact ActivatedYou customer service?

You can reach ActivatedYou customer support for further assistance by dialing 800-720-8403.

Can I return ActivatedYou?

Yes you can.The 90 days money-back guarantee gives you a cover if you are not totally satisfied with the product.

What are the most common complaints with ActivatedYou?

Some users complained of not seeing results as they would expect.

What are Activated Almonds?

Activated almonds are soaked in water for 24 hours before being removed and allowed to dry over low heat.Proponents believe activated almonds help's your body pull better benefits from the almond's nutrition.

35 ActivatedYou Reviews

  • Drink with breakfast ??
    Christina Chase

    Can you drink the morning complete with a breakfast meal,like oatmeal or eggs?My plug arrived yesterday but would like more information before I start

    • Angelica (Editor)


      It states on the website to mix one scoop with a drink before eating.

  • I've been duped!

    I receive my package today.I was excited only to find absolutely nothing in the box!What a joke?I guess that's what I get for ordering a product advertised on social media.Smh Terrible!

  • Interesting break outs
    Stephanie Sluder

    I don't have any trouble with my skin in terms of breakouts.After taking your product for just 3 days,I broke out in two places.Very odd eruptions (one on my right cheek and on above my left eyebrow).Just odd.

    • C.C.

      I believe when you are detoxing or starting something very healthy your body will get rid of impurities that are lingering below the surface of the skin (i.e.blemishes).At least we've noticed this in our experiences.Good luck

      • Kate

        Yes I have developed spots on my nose

  • HELP.........
    Lori (Verified Purchase)

    Does anyone have any suggestions for how to tolerate the taste.I find it very unpleasant but really want to make it more appealing so that I wont skip out on drinking it?Please…any advise tips?

    • Erica

      I mix this into a smoothie in the morning.Organic apple juice,greek vanilla yogurt,peach and banana.Its great.

      • Karen

        Erica I agree!I use about 2 ounces of coconut milk,a small banana,handful of blueberries and three tablespoons of (real) greek yogurt.No fake sweetner's.For me it's more tolerable then the apple cinnamon flavor.I drink it with a straw.Yes,it's not a plastic straw..
        Lori I hope this helps you.

    • Lorene Perkins

      I have mixed with a fruit juice – choose a flavor to go with Apple.

    • Anonymous

      Apple juice works great

    • Karen

      I make a shake with almond milk and frozen blueberries,bannna,strawberries coconut oil protein powder and with one scoop of activated you it tastes great

    • Maribel Haupt

      I mix it with a smoothie with banana,I cant taste it.Its delicious

    • Anonymous

      try a teeny tiny bit of organic stevia

  • How often daily can I drink this
    Barbara (Verified Purchase)

    Can I drink 8oz in morning and 8oz at night?

    • Angelica Almaraz

      Hello Barbara,

      We advise you follow the label instructions for the product.

  • question
    Barbara Rogers (Verified Purchase)

    Should I continue taking the probiotic that I have been taking and should I still take metamucil?I have no history of constipation.

    • Angelica Almaraz

      Hello Barbara,

      We recommend consulting with your physician before using any supplements.

  • Supply?

    How long does a bag last?

    • Angelica Almaraz

      Hello Kyle,

      I believe the website says 30 days.

  • Broken bag
    K smith

    I just received my first bag of morning complete and the package had broken open in shipping … ?

    • Rosemarie Villarreal

      I Also Received my bag of Morning Complete all 3 Package Broken just the Powder every where in the Box.I did not care for that part also in the shipping.And Reading every one's Reports.I also have been drinking the morning Complete and I Also get real bloated & Lots of Gas & Nauseous every day.And I get headaches a lot.But I like the part of going to the bathroom it sends me every time with Diarrhea.I would not drink the drink more then once a day it is called the morning Complete which it Means Morning time Only.I get some upset stomach not a lot.But I will keep taking it with my husband and see how I get.If I keep getting the Gas and Diarrhea I will Ask for my Money Back before the 90 days & Send them the bags .

      • Kristin

        Has the gas and bloating stopped for you yet?I'm on day two and the gas is unreal.I've also noticed my
        Bloating gets only bad when I eat and it usually subsides after dinner.

    • Anonymous

      Mine was too,like someone looked through it.It was taped closed but box look like USPS kicked it around a few times.

      • Carolyn

        My box was crushed and broken too!The six bags were ok though no damage to the product itself.I've been using for 2 months now and I feel pretty good.

  • Also curious -
    EssKaye (Verified Purchase)

    I have been bloating and having flatulence (I never have had either before) – have been been almost through the first package,but it's pretty consistent…

    • Clelia

      Besides giving a person regular bowel movements like it is supposed to,does it make you have to go more often in a day?I don't want to be in the bathroom several times a day.

    • Madie

      Me too,almost finished with the 1st month.Does the flaulence subside over time?

    • Donns

      I've never had worse gas with any product and I'm a supplement fanatic

  • It's amazing so far!
    Liz (Verified Purchase)

    I just started the morning complete a few days ago.
    I was able to stop drinking coffee immediately and not even have a headache.I feel so good.

  • Considering

    I'm curious about the side effect… if bloating & flatulent occurs,will it subside with time?or it's just not for me & return it?

    • Victoria (Editor)

      Hi Mia,if you start to have unfavorable side effects you should stop taking ActivatedYou and consult with your physician if they get worse.

  • About taste

    Does it taste like stevia or any artificial sweeteners?I can't tolerate any of those tastes.

    • Lisa Jordan

      I hate the taste but it's only 8 oz… I will deal with it.

    • Ryan Johnson

      no,it doesn't have any weird artificial sweetener taste.